Age: 23
From: Latakia,  Syria

I left Syria because of the war and to find a future and better situation. Before the war, I was very happy. Life was good. I had a lot of friends. I was studying to be an assistant electrician and working as a mechanic.

I don’t like war, to kill, I don’t like blood.The government asked me to fight so I ran away.

(Mustafa’s song to his family- in Arabic with translation)

I came by myself. My family is still in Latakia. They didn’t want to leave. They have a lot of stores. I miss them and talk to them every day.

My brother is my best friend. He is ten years older than I am, but we have the same mind. We used to work together every day. We understand each other. Sometimes even without talking. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I am the youngest. I was the baby of the family.

The day I left it was the hardest day of my life. Every time I fall asleep I dream about this day. Nothing was as difficult as that day.

And there’s a girl  from the same city in Syria who I miss. We met studying after high school. We were together for two years. Her family had no problem with our relationship,

When I left Syria, I didn’t tell her because I knew she’d be upset and angry.

I loved everything about her. We had the same mind. I saw her more than I saw my family. We worked together. She taught me when we had exams. But she was lazy with chemistry, she didn’t like it. But then I got her to enjoy chemistry.

But one week ago, she got engaged to someone else. She didn’t hide anything from me. She told me everything.  That she wanted to get engaged. I told her “you must get engaged don’t wait for me.” I was afraid for her that she wouldn’t be married and I will not come back to Syria. It’s impossible for me to go back and it’s impossible for her to leave. And even though it was me who told her to get engaged, I feel so sad about it.

I think about her every day; I cannot forget her. But I will try. Maybe it’s my fault that we didn’t get married. But it was the right decision. A difficult decision.

Here in Greece, I felt like I was stuck in a jail and that I would have no future. Now I have hope because I had an interview with the relocation program and maybe I will leave here and go to another country and have a future.

I have no problem going to another country I feel comfortable living with any  other person. Every person has a right to their own beliefs. And if the situation in Europe is nicer than in Syria, even if the war is over I will not go back.

My dream is for the war to be over, and have a nice future. Right now I hope for a good life, to work, and for friends and love. And to see my family again soon.


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